A/S Ferro-Bet

A/S Ferro-Bet A/S was founded in 1950. It is
owned and operated in Norway, including all production facilities.
It has been singularly focused on the removal of and protection
against corrosion and to that end our products include various
chemicals, powerful cleaners, lubricants and paints/lacquers.
The demands of our products have evolved over the years and
we are continually improving and developing our portfolio of
products to maintain the quality to which our customers have
become accustomed.


Over the more than 50 years since our inception the competitive
choices available to our customers have expanded greatly.
However, we are very pleased to know that even in the current
marketplace a customer will be hard pressed to do better than
using the Ferro-Bet product line to solve their corrosion headaches.
Our products are available from a variety of retailers and
applications are virtually endless, including uses for shipping, industrial
equipment, farming, auto, recreational boating, home and others.
For ship owners needing supplies internationally we have a network
of distributors carrying our product in the major ports around the world.
The packaging of our products is of course suited to the varied
applications including large bulk for a major cargo vessel or a small spray
bottle for a vehicle repair..

The picture to the right is captured in the sixties








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Rust Remover
Rust Remover
Alu Clean
Sealer Red-Oxide
Sealer Red-Oxide
Sealer Black
Sealer Black