envitec overview


Located in Sandnes, Norway, Envitec serves as a supplier to the worldwide oil and gas industry with technology based upon 30 years of industry practice. Through innovative and environmental solutions, Envitec products has helped the off- and onshore business to better drilling waste management, mud handling technology, and solids control. 

ENVITEC is an approved agent of Pentair Southern Cross Solids Pumps and MacTenn and are a Service Company to many Drilling contractors and E & P companies worldwide.

ENVITEC are mainly involved in Waste Management, Solids Control, Mud Mills, Roller Mills, and construct individual products or engineer complete solutions.

ENVITEC safety check valve is patented and used worldwide in countries such as Canada, Australia, UK, Mauritania, Norway etc. It is listed in the NORSOK standard. 

ENVITEC take pride in having a team of experienced operators and supervisors for installation and management of the equipment.



Presentation at the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow, Russia. 

Norwegian stand at World Mining Exhibition, Russia

Siri Tjørhom & Olav Nils Thue (Minister Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission)

Envitec poster

Envitec Presentation in Murmansk, Russia

Operation of SX60 Guzzla pump
Envitec stand in Beijing in cooperation with Scotland


Norris Ma, Siri Tjørhom and Mark Khron in China

Company Management

  • Siri Tjørhom - Managing Director
  • (+47) 99 10 99 80
  • st@envitec.no